Pets can only be boarded if they are in good health and you are able to produce their vaccination card confirming that your pet's inoculations are up to date or you have a certificate from a recent titre test as evidence of protection against hepatitis, distemper and parvovirus valid for the period of the stay at the kennels.  We reserve the right to refuse entry of any pet looking unwell.

Whilst every possible attention will be given to your pet during it's stay they are booked entirely at your own risk, as are pets sharing accommodation.  Should we feel the need to separate any pet sharing in the interest of the animal's own safety a relevant charge for the extra accommodation will be levied.

We ask that you advise us of any allergies or habits that your pet has, or if your bitch will be in season whilst in our care. These thing will help us to  care for your pets.

Should it be necessary to call a vet, at our discretion, during your pets' stay any veterinary costs are the responsibility of the owner of the pet.  We will always endeavour to use your  normal vet practice should that not be possible we will use our local surgery.  All attempts will be made to contact the owner/emergency contact prior to any vet referrals.

Fees are charged from the day of arrival. Departure days will not be chargeable if your pets are collected by 12 o'clock. Any pet collected in the afternoon will be charged for a full day.

All new customers (those who's pets have never stayed with us before) will be required to pay a 25% non-refundable deposit on your first booking. We will give you 48 hours to secure the kennel/pen.  Deposits can be made by cash or cheque at our office or direct to the bank account (details supplied on request). We ask for this because of the number of first time booking which are made then do not turn up nor do they phone to cancel - these places could go to other people/pets.   Should the deposit not be made within 48 hours the place will not be held.   Deposits are not transferable.

Any cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to boarding with us, should this not be the case then you will be charged accordingly, this includes any day care bookings not cancelled.

ABANDONED ANIMALS: If any animals are not collected within 14 days of the due date of departure and there has been no efforts of contact from the owner or their agent and if efforts to contact the owners fail, then the pet(s) become the property of the proprietor.